SpanishAid’s services are available to schools in the Bay Area and its surrounding areas.

Our services include program evaluation and curriculum customization services. Our professional team embed themselves in the schools they serve, taking a hands-on approach by collecting and analyzing the school’s current Spanish Program data to identify areas that may require improvement and working closely with staff and curriculum developers to help educators and schools improve and strengthen their Spanish program.

School partners’ assessment is fully customizable according to school’s needs, and may include, but it is not limited to:

    • Work close with school-based staff to gather information regarding program

    • Analysis of current student performance in Spanish

    • Analysis and revision of current Spanish curricula

    • Provide feedback on areas of strength and areas for growth within your Spanish program

    • Provide support and information of current language teaching trends to Spanish teachers

    • Action plans and quarterly meetings with Spanish teachers to ensure goals are achieved

If your school is interested in these services please contact us at for more information.