Spanish 5-6

Students will continue reinforcing their Spanish and will work on mastering the grammar structures while conversing 100% in Spanish.

Tutoring Description

The Spanish 5-4 tutoring is designed to help students polish and perfect all their Spanish knowledge from Spanish 1-4.  It is highly recommended that all students devote at least 2-3 extra hours of study time on their own to master common vocabulary terms and phrases.

Focus will be placed on key grammar structures, such as:

  • Uses of the Subjunctive
  • Indicative vs. Subjunctive
  • Present Perfect Indicative
  • Past Perfect Indicative
  • Future Perfect Indicative
  • Conditional Perfect Indicative
  • Present Perfect Subjunctive
  • Pluperfect Subjunctive
  • Correctly identify which verb tense to use

Emphasis will be placed in responding appropriately to basic conversational prompts; correctly identify which verb tense to use.  Preparation for AP Spanish and/or Spanish SAT.

Available Textbooks:  Realidades 3; Descubre 4, Breaking the Spanish Barrier Advanced


  • Communicate 100% in Spanish.
  • Set a strong foundation of grammar understanding
  • Develop confidence to continue on to AP Spanish and taking Spanish SAT