Spanish 1-2

Students will reinforce their Spanish with fundamental building blocks in four key areas of foreign language study:

  1. Listening comprehension
  2. Speaking
  3. Reading
  4. Writing

Tutoring Description

The Spanish 1-2 tutoring is designed to help students with concepts such as verb conjugations and to motivate students to communicate in Spanish .   It is highly recommended that all students devote at least 2-3 extra hours of study time on their own to master common vocabulary terms and phrases.

Focus will be placed on grammar structures, and verb conjugations.  Such as:

  • Present Tense regular, irregular, stem changers, orthographical changers, and super irregulars.
  • Preterite, regular, irregulars, uses
  • Imperfect, conjugations and uses
  • Number and gender concordance
  • Ser vs. Estar
  • Por vs. Para, etc.

Emphasis will be placed in responding appropriately to basic conversational prompts; generate language incorporating basic vocabulary and grammar patterns; analyze and compare cultural practices, products, and perspectives of various Spanish-speaking countries.

Available Textbooks:  Realidades 1, Realidades 2; Descubre 1, Descubre 2, Buen Viaje 1, Buen Viaje 2, Breaking the Spanish Barrier 1, Breaking the Spanish Barrier 2, Breaking the Spanish Barrier Advanced


  • Communicate 100% in Spanish.
  • Set a strong foundation of grammar understanding
  • Develop confidence to continue on with Spanish 3-4